How do I create an email address?

This post is about how to create an email address. If you want to know how to sync the address with Outlook , Apple Mail , iPhone or Thunderbird , please see the related post.

How to change the password for the e-mail address or mailbox is explained in the article ” How do I change the password for my e-mail address “.

Hosted Exchange
To create an email address for your domain in the Hosted Exchange, you need to log into the Hosted Exchange Control Panel at

You can then create a new e-mail address on the left under “E-mail > E-mail addresses”.
After logging into your Plesk control panel , you can click on “Email” on the left. Here you now have the option to click on “Create email address”.
The e-mail address is then also the user that you need when synchronizing.
In the Confixx it is structured somewhat differently. A mailbox user is assigned to an e-mail address in Confixx. If you have logged into the Confixx Control Panel , you can create a new email address for your domain under “Email > Email Addresses”.
Normally you then specify that the e-mail address should be forwarded to an e-mail inbox and that a new e-mail inbox should be created.

After that you will see, if it is the first email address, that it forwards to the webXp1 mailbox. The X here stands for your web user for the Confixx Control Panel. So if you have the web user web25, then the first mailbox is called web25p1, the second then web25p2 and so on.
You will also see a note at the top that the mailbox has been set up and the password that was generated for it.

The mailbox name is the user you need to set up the email address in an email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone, Thunderbird, etc.).
Updated on 23. February 2022

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