How to set up email address on iPhone?

Here we explain how to set up your email address on your iPhone.
If you haven’t already created an email address, you can do so in How do I create an email address? explained.

If you have created an email address in hosted Exchange, we can only guarantee installation in Outlook .

If you have created an email address, you still need the access data sheet in order to be able to set up the email address on the iPhone.
If you no longer have this, click on the server center at the top of the myhosttech customer center
This can be downloaded again in the settings of the corresponding hosting.
The information on the access data sheet in the “Mail server settings” section is important.

Depending on whether you created the email address in Plesk or Confixx, you have a different user name. An e-mail address in Confixx is always assigned to a mailbox, and the mailbox is the user name. For example, this is web123p5, where web123 is your normal username for your Confixx login, and p5 stands for the fifth mailbox you created.
With an email address in Plesk, your username is simply the email address.

Now you can follow the following video to set up the email address.

Setup on an iPhone for Plesk or Confixx
Updated on 23. February 2022

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