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What does hosttech Platinum Support offer?

Our service team is your first point of contact around the clock for all questions regarding hosttech products and services.
Simply enjoy hosttech’s first-class Platinum Support – with the exclusive Platinum Support, your requests will always be treated with the highest priority .

What is included in Platinum Support?

  • guaranteed response time of max. 12h 365 days
  • separate support contact details for Platinum customers
  • Prioritized treatment
  • discounted prices for support orders

We advise you on the selection of new products, give you tips on setting them up and help if your website or a server service is ever unavailable. We feel responsible for the technical infrastructure of your web presence. By this we primarily mean the accessibility of the presence and the functionality of the booked services.

Although third-party products (e.g. third-party software such as email clients, FTP programs, PHP scripts) are not officially supported by us, we won’t leave you on your own here either – we try to localize errors and problems in third-party scripts and programs, but the fix may have to be done by the manufacturer of the software.

In the server area, our service personnel are directly able to carry out initial analyses in the event of hardware and software defects, and to initiate all further steps. This is based on the fact that we at hosttech rely on our own local staff, i.e. we do not use external call centers. Only in this way do our employees have a direct connection to the subject matter and a direct line to the individual specialist departments. Our personnel are able to pass through the access controls in our data centers around the clock to get a direct picture. Data on any errors are processed professionally – this gives our technicians in the specialist departments a direct overview of the situation.

Updated on 8. February 2023

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