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How can I transfer a storage to another project?

If it happens to you that you put a system with storage in the wrong project into operation in the vDC, and this storage has to be in another project, this is basically possible, but it involves some effort. So make sure that you are in the correct project when you create the system.

If you haven’t changed anything in the system – or not much yet – it’s usually worth deleting the system again, changing the project and creating the system again. The change with the following instructions is only worthwhile if you have already done a lot on the server.

If you move a storage to another project, it may be that the IP address cannot be adopted, for example if you have projects in different countries/data centers.

Procedure for copying a storage to another project

  1. You need to create a snapshot of the storage you want to take over
  2. You then have to export the created snapshot (to a bucket in Object Storage)
  3. After that you have to go to the marketplace
  4. Create a new application, selecting the exported snapshot from the bucket
  5. If you look at the created application, you will be shown a hash ID. Copy this one
  6. Switch to the project in which you want to create the system
  7. Go to the marketplace in the expert view
  8. Click on “Import” of the application and provide the copied hash ID
  9. You can now choose the size of the server this creates when creating a new system from this marketplace application

Note that creating a server from the marketplace takes significantly longer than creating a new server normally. So it may take a moment for the server to be created like this.

Updated on 6. February 2023

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