Are backups created by hosttech?

We create an automatic full backup of all files from our hosting servers every 24 hours. This is available for a maximum period of seven days.

If necessary, you can import this into your myhosttech customer center via the “Server Center” item. To do this, click on the “Backup” tab in the settings of your hosting product. Here you can specify the date and choose what to restore.

Note that automatic restore does not restore individual files. If you wish this, please contact our technical customer service via the ticket system in your myhosttech customer center.


Here, too, we provide the same backups as with our hosting servers. However, there is currently no automated recovery process.

Therefore create a request in the ticket system in your myhosttech customer center for our technicians. Include the following information.

  • Date from when the data should be created
  • From which domain should the data be restored
  • Which data should be restored
    • Mail (give all mail addresses to which it concerns – the mail address must already exist if it was deleted)
    • Web data (the domain must already exist again on the server if it was deleted)
    • Database (the database must already exist again on the server if it was deleted).

In the request, also confirm the costs of CHF 39.00 for our work.

Backups from your own vServers (also managed)

The same conditions apply to your vServer as to our hosting server, which were explained at the beginning of this article.

Note that the complete state of the server is backed up and restored. Individual files or databases cannot be restored.

Backups from your own dedicated servers (not managed)

As a rule, we do not create a backup of your own server. You are responsible for this yourself. Maybe our online backup solution is something for you?

Alternatively, you can also choose additional backup storage during the ordering process of your server, where storage space is made available to you on a separate server. You are responsible for setting it up yourself. If you have any questions, our technical customer service will of course be happy to help you via the ticket system in the myhosttech customer center.

Backup from your own managed dedicated server

Since January 2021 we have also been installing a 2 TB hard drive in your managed dedicated server in order to also create a daily backup over seven days. The import of the backup is included in the management.

If you ordered your server before January 2021, you are welcome to request this later. We will then check whether the hard drive can be installed on your server or how we can solve it differently. We charge an installation fee of CHF 89.00 for the work involved in the clarification/setup.

In both cases, contact our technical customer service via the ticket system in the myhosttech customer center.

For more information on backup, see our blog post .

Updated on 1. April 2022

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