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Which DNS records do I need for hosted Exchange?

In order to use hosted Exchange, you need the following three DNS records.
Make sure that your domain.eu has to be replaced by your domain.

Required DNS records

You can find an explanation of what the three entries do at the end of the article.

TypehostMail Exchanger / Canonical Name
2CNAMEexchange. yourdomain.euexchange.hosttech.eu
3CNAMEautodiscover. yourdomain.euexchange.hosttech.eu
Required DNS records for hosted Exchange

In the myhosttech customer center, this must look like this, whereby “hosttechdemo.com” must of course always be replaced by your domain.

DNS records for hosted exchange in the myhosttech customer center

General information on setting DNS records

You can change DNS records at hosttech in the myhosttech customer center under Domains in the domain center by clicking on Details and DNS Records for the relevant domain.
It can always take up to 6 hours for DNS record changes to take effect.

Note that you only have to change this with us if you have entered our name servers for your domain.
If you use external name servers, you must enter the DNS records with your external partner.
It may be that the names for “Mail Exchanger” and “Canonical Name” are replaced by other names (e.g. destination).

If you use external name servers, but now want to use our name servers, we recommend that you contact our technicians first, as there are a few things to consider.

What do the three DNS records do?

1.Record: MX
This tells the Internet which server should receive the mail for your domain. That is why our server exchange.hosttech.eu is specified there, since the mails are to be received there.
2. Record: CNAME
The Exchange webmail is always accessible via exchange.hosttech.eu.
If you want to do this on your own domain, you need to create a CNAME record.
This allows you to use exchange. yourdomain.eu reach the webmail from the hosted exchange.
3.Record: CNAME
Normally you have to enter a lot of information when setting up an email address. The Internet needs this CNAME record so that you only have to enter your email address and password when setting up. About autodiscover. yourdomain.eu can be communicated to Outlook that all information for setting up the e-mail address can be queried on exchange.hosttech.eu.
Updated on 25. March 2022
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