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How do I set up the deputy function in the hosted exchange?

A much-requested function of our hosted Exchange is the activation of the deputy function. Since this is not done with a simple mouse click, we have written instructions for you here.

This guide has only been tested for email addresses from our hosted exchange. We do not guarantee that it will be set up with other e-mail addresses.

Why is?

The deputy function means that a second person has access to an e-mail inbox or other functions (calendar, tasks) and can create entries for the person represented or read e-mails.
This mostly applies to absences.

How do you set it up?

The facility is in two parts.
On the one hand, the person who is represented must approve this.
On the other hand, the person who takes over the deputy must also take over this.
It is also the case that you can currently only set this up if you have set up your own e-mail address in Outlook. Setup via the web interface/webmail is currently not possible.

How do you unlock the features?

First, you need to grant permissions to the delegate. To do this, first click on “File” in the upper left corner of Outlook, then on “Information” on the left and then on “Account settings > Access rights for delegates”.

Click on “File”
Click on “Information” and then on “Account Settings > Delegate Access Rights”

In the view that opens up afterwards, you can add people with an email address (user) in the same domain. To do this, first click on “Add” and then mark the person for whom you want to set up the deputy.
By clicking on “Add” on the bottom left, the person is listed in the list on the right. Click on OK to close this view again.

Add a person
Select person, add and confirm.

A window will now open in which you can set the permissions for the person who is to act as a substitute.

Default Permissions

You have to adjust the permissions according to your wishes. If you want the person to manage everything, you can set the permissions as follows.

Permission to manage everything

Clicking on OK closes the view and you can now see the user in the list of substitutes. Clicking on OK also closes this. The permissions for the person are now set.

permission set

share folder

What you have to do now are the permissions for the folders.
Unfortunately, these must be set individually for each folder and cannot be inherited for subfolders.

To do this, right-click on the account on the left (once for the email address itself and once for the INBOX). Then also for all subfolders that the deputy should manage.

Mailbox folder permissions

Then select “Properties” (the e-mail address itself says “Folder Permissions” – see screenshot above) and in the new window you must then switch to the “Permissions” tab and add a user. This is the same as in the intermediate step above.

You then assign the authorization level “Editor” to the user.

folder permission

How do I take over the deputy of the released functions?

In most cases, the person who was set up for the substitution will see the additional mailbox after restarting Outlook. Nevertheless, we have had cases in which it did not work automatically. In such a case, you must take the following steps as a representative.

Click File in the top left again, then select Information on the left, so you can then click Account Settings > Account Settings.

When your email address is selected below, click on “Change”.

change account settings

Then click on “More settings…” in the lower right corner and switch to the “Advanced” tab in the new window. Here you click on “Add…”.

More Settings – Advanced

Now if you provide the email address of the person you are the delegate for and click OK, it will find and add that person.

add person
person added

Then click on OK and on the bottom right on “Next >” to complete the setup.

From now on, on the left below your email account, you will also see the account of the person you are deputizing for and the folders that have been shared with you.

Updated on 5. April 2022

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