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With which account is my storage space exceeded?

The shared hosting accounts at hosttech have no “physical” storage space limits. As soon as the booked storage space is exceeded, this is displayed in your control panel. You will also be informed by us by e-mail.

Depending on whether you use the Confixx or Plesk Control Panel, you will see the information in different places. You must first log into your control panel to do this.

You will find an overview of all your data directly on the start page. The memory space actually used is displayed under the “Storage space” field. The values in brackets represent the maximum that you are allowed to invest or use.
If the field has an orange background, the reserved storage space has been exceeded.
Under “Start” you will find an overview of your domains. If a domain is displayed with a “yellow exclamation mark”, this means that you have exceeded the booked storage space or other limits. Click on the relevant exclamation mark icon and you will be shown a detailed overview.
Updated on 27. January 2023

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