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How do I create a ticket?

No FAQ or knowledge database is complete or perfect. Accordingly, you may still want to contact us directly by creating a ticket.
In this article, we explain how to do this and what the advantages of the ticket system are.

Creation of the ticket

To create a ticket for our customer service or technical department, first log in to your myhosttech customer center.

You can find the “Ticket system” tab via the menu on the left.

Customer center – Ticket system

Then click on the “Create new ticket” button at the top and follow the menu.
Select the appropriate category for your request and the product that relates to your request.
The request needs a suitable title and as precise an explanation as possible with as much information as possible. If possible/available, you can also attach screenshots here to help us.

Ticket system – topic selection

After you have pressed “Send request”, you will receive a request number.

You can find all tickets on the ticket system overview page. If you want to “close” a ticket, you can do this via “Archive” in the ticket.

Advantages of the ticket system

Incoming tickets are also monitored by Support outside office hours and at weekends – in contrast to e-mails, which we receive as sales inquiries.

The tickets are permanently stored in your customer account and all support staff can access them quickly and easily and also view the history if necessary. The ticket system is also independent of the e-mail server. For example, the ticket system can always be used to send and receive support requests in the event of interruptions with the e-mail address.

Updated on 19. December 2023
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