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Why is my domain displayed as inactive?

When you install a domain on your hosting, it will be displayed under your hosting in the myhosttech customer center. Next to it you can see the account assignment status of this domain.

This will check whether this domain is assigned to this hosting where it is installed.

If you have already manually adjusted the DNS records so that this domain points to your hosting, you can ignore this “inactive message”.

If you want to get rid of the message or if you have not adjusted any DNS records (normally your site will not work then) you can click on “Domains > Domaincenter” in the myhosttech customer center on the left. At the corresponding domain, click on “Details” and then on “Account assignment”.

Then select the hosting where the domain is installed and click “Save”.
After a short time, this should result in the domain no longer being displayed as inactive.

Updated on 8. February 2023
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