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Which settings can be made in the server center?

After you have logged into the myhosttech customer center, you will find your products under “Servercenter”.

The products are divided into different tabs. With hosting and reseller accounts, you have the option of logging into the control panel in the settings for the corresponding product, changing the password, downloading the access data sheet again, expanding your account. You can also have a backup restored here.

If you have your own server, you can, for example, restart your server (reset) or restart it in rescue mode (rescue) in the “dedicated server” tab. You can also store the reverse DNS entry (PTR) for your own IP here, or initiate a new installation for your server.

If you have booked an SSL certificate with us, you will find the necessary keys in this section.

Some products, such as the DNS editor or domain reselling, are summarized in the “Solutions” tab.

Settings for your domains are not made in the server center, you can do them by clicking on “Domaincenter” above.

The same goes for your website creator. You can make adjustments to your website by clicking on “Website Creator” at the top. You can change the password for your website creator in the “Server Center” in the corresponding tab.

Updated on 27. January 2023
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