Where can I store payment methods in the Website Creator shop?

For the shop functionality in the Website Creator you need the eCommerce tariff.

In the Website Creator Shop you can offer your customers extensive payment services. To store this, please log into your Website Creator, go to the Modules tab and select Online Shop .

Then switch to the Settings section and select Payment methods . There you can activate classic options such as payment in advance , purchase on account or cash on delivery and enter a corresponding information text. In addition, you also have the option of selecting other payment methods such as Twint , stripe or PayPal .

Twint is one of the most popular mobile payment methods in Switzerland, which can be used to pay quickly and easily via smartphone.

stripe is a payment solution for online shops, with which various payment methods can be offered (credit card, wallets, local payment methods).

PayPal is an established provider for cashless payments, with which PayPal users can pay quickly and easily with their account. Paypal can also be used as a means of payment with a credit card without an account.

Note: you must create a business account for stripe and Paypal so that you can integrate these payment methods into your shop and receive payments. The Twint extension is not available as a standard payment method, but can be optionally activated/added via the Website Creator Marketplace. Please inform yourself about the corresponding costs.

Please note that using PayPal and stripe as a payment method will incur fees that will be charged to you as the seller. These fees are usually made up of a basic price and a percentage of the invoice amount. Please inform yourself about the corresponding costs.

Updated on 25. March 2022

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