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What payment methods are available in the Website Creator online store?

Prepayment, purchase on account and cash on delivery are available as standard. These can be activated or deactivated individually.

In addition, there are also the online payment methods stripe and PayPal. To ensure that these are automated and do not generate any overhead for you or your customers, the use of an external payment service provider is required.

Note: For stripe and Paypal you have to create a business account in order to integrate these payment methods in your store and receive payments. The TWINT extension is not included in the subscription and can be activated/acquired via the Website Creator Marketplace. Please inform yourself about the corresponding costs.

Read here where and how to activate the payment methods.

Vorkasse und Kauf auf Rechnung

In the case of prepayment and purchase on account, customers must initiate payment themselves via a bank payment after placing the order. The account details of the online store are included in the automatically generated and sent invoice PDF (this can be found in the details of an order).

These payment methods generate more effort than a direct payment via e.g. credit card, as a payment that has been made has to be checked manually and errors can occur when recording the payment/account data.


stripe provides countless payment options – from credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) to wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and local payment methods such as SEPA direct debit and SOFORT. You can find a complete list of payment options here.

In order to use stripe, you need to have your own account. Click the ‘Connect to stripe’ button to create an account or connect it.


PayPal is an established provider for cashless payment, with which PayPal users can quickly and easily pay via their account. Paypal can also be used as a means of payment with a credit card without an account.

TWINT (nur für Schweizer Kunden)

TWINT is one of the most popular mobile payment methods in Switzerland, with which payments can be made quickly and easily via smartphone.
Read here how to add TWINT to your online store.

Please note that using PayPal and stripe as a payment method will incur fees that will be charged to you as the seller. These fees consist of a percentage of the invoice amount and a fixed amount. You can find out the exact costs from the respective provider on their website.

Updated on 27. January 2023
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