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What is KVM flex?

Our KVM over IP feature gives you permanent administrative access down to the BIOS level of your server.
The KVM is connected to the VGA, keyboard and mouse interfaces of the server in the data center and is operated by the customer via a Java applet that is called up via a web browser. It is especially useful when ssh cannot be used, e.g. to change BIOS settings, to operate boot menus (grub, LILO, or similar), or to fix errors in the packet filter or in the network configuration.

In addition to an administration interface that can be called up via a browser, our KVMs offer numerous other features such as the inclusion of installation images or the shutdown/startup of the server.

If you only need your own KVM for a short period of time, you can book it with us by the hour.
This way you can remotely control your server at the time you want and keep costs to a minimum.
Please note that the number of KVM available in the data center is limited. Therefore, book your KVM in time via your customer center.

Detailed information & prices can be found in this FAQ.

Updated on 8. February 2023

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