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What is Google Analytics?

With Google Analytics you can track and analyze data and interactions of your website and its visitors. This allows you to constantly check the quality of your content and site. With the help of data on the number of visitors, visit duration and visitor behavior, you can draw meaningful conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses of your site and optimize them if necessary.

In order to be able to use Google Analytics, you must create an account with Google Analytics and then link it to your website. The tool is free in the basic version.

Among other things, Google Analytics offers:

  • Number of visitors on your website
  • Number of page views (page views)
  • Duration of visitors’ visit to your website
  • Percentages of new and returning visitors
  • the search terms that visitors used to find your site
  • Bounce rate of visitors
  • the demographic characteristics, such as language and location of the visitors
  • the pages that visitors viewed on your site
  • the devices that visitors use
  • the browsers that visitors use
  • and much more m.
Updated on 27. January 2023

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