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Server Error 503 – Service Temporarily Unavailable

This article only applies in connection with hosting with Plesk Control Panel. These statements do not apply to the Confixx Control Panel.

503 error message when accessing the website

We have already addressed this error in a blog post . Accordingly, only a brief summary follows here.

There can be two reasons for the error message.

  1. Maintenance work is being carried out on the server. If so, you can find the relevant information on our status page or on Twitter .
  2. Your site uses more resources than you are entitled to for your hosting package.

Resources do not mean the available storage space, but, for example, the computing power of the server processor (CPU). So you don’t usually have to start deleting files to save storage space.

If the second case occurs to you, you have two options.

  1. Reduce the resources used
    This step is probably the slightly more difficult one. Here it is important to check whether the website can be slimmed down a bit. For example, you can check for updates. When updating CMS , such as WordPress, it is often checked that the CMS runs more smoothly. The code may have been adjusted to use less power. You should also check whether certain plugins are no longer required. If you need help with this, you can book one of our CMS specialists (at the bottom) who will look at it with you.
  2. Increase the available resources
    In the myhosttech customer center you can click on “Product Upgrade!” under “Servercenter” – in each case under your hosting product. click. Select the hosting that meets the website’s requirements and confirm the upgrade. After a short time, the limits of your product will be adjusted on the server.
Perform a product upgrade in the myhosttech customer center

If you don’t see the product upgrade button, please contact our customer service directly via our ticket system and indicate which hosting product you would like to upgrade to.

Updated on 25. March 2022

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