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How do I change the order of my menu items?

Click on “Menus” in the navigation at the top. Here you will find the overview of the main menu and the secondary menu.

To change the order, hover to the left of the desired menu title. The line is now colored blue and you will see an icon (three horizontal bars). Now click on this symbol and drag and drop the line (click and hold the mouse button) to the new desired location.

While holding down the mouse pointer, you will see a gray box. This shows the new position of the menu item. You can move a menu item between both menus, main menu and secondary menu.


Drag the mouse pointer further to the right if you want to create the menu item as a subpage. The top line then becomes the parent menu item. Conversely, if you want to make a sub-page a main page, drag a line slightly to the left.

The placement in the main menu and secondary menu as well as the assignment as a subpage can also be defined via the menu item settings.

Updated on 8. February 2023

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