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How do I add social media as a menu item?

Want to link your social media directly as an icon in your menu or secondary menu? We’ll show you how to include it here:

Go to the menu item “Menus”. Add a new menu item using the “+ Add menu item” button.

• Choose the type “Social Link”

• Enter a menu title (e.g. Facebook)
• Select your desired network from the drop-down list under “Social network”.
• Now enter the URL ending for your site
• Under “Display”, choose whether you want text only (the menu title), icon, or text and icon to be displayed. You will see a preview to the right of it
• Save the page

• Move the page to the desired menu

Tip: We recommend turning on the “Open in a new window” setting in the right column. Since the page links to an external URL, it is advisable to open the page in a new window. This way your website is still open and the user can come back to it without any problems.

Updated on 27. January 2023

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