How can I set a reverse DNS entry?

You can create a reverse DNS entry for your own IP address of your vServer, root server, business server or managed server directly in the myhosttech customer center.

To do this, log into your myhosttech customer center and click on “Change reverse DNS” under “Server center” for your corresponding product.

It may take up to 24 hours for the change to take effect.

A valid domain/host name must always be entered as reverse DNS.
The entered name must point to the IP itself (DNS A record).

The following should be noted for the reverse entry:

– the reverse should contain the designation “mail”, “mx” or something similar
– if only one sender domain is used for an IP, the reverse should contain this domain


– mx.mail.yourdomain. eu

How do I change the reverse DNS entry in the virtual data center?

In your virtual data center you can change the reverse DNS entries in the IP manager.

What is the purpose of reverse DNS entries?

  • With trace routes, not only IP addresses are displayed, but also understandable host names. This makes troubleshooting much easier.
  • Many mail servers only accept incoming mail if the sender’s IP address has a reverse DNS entry. Make sure that the chosen name does not only have numbers at the beginning, and that this name refers back to this IP address via DNS A record.
Updated on 23. February 2022

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