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How can I publish my Website Creator page?

You have finished designing your page with the Website Creator and now want to publish it. This article is intended to answer the most important questions. What you certainly need is your access data sheet for your hosting.

You’ll find a section below on the presets, which you should check before publishing. After that, it depends on how you want to publish your website. whether your hosting is on a server with Plesk Control Panel or Confixx Control Panel. For several years we have only created new accounts on servers with Plesk Control Panel. So if you just got your hosting recently, you probably have Plesk.


For publication with the “Publish on existing web hosting” variant, the following points must first be checked.

  • The domain must be installed on the hosting
  • php version
    The Website Creator currently does not support PHP 8.0 or 8.1
    For this reason you have to set the PHP version to 7.4 in your control panel for the domain. This FAQ article explains how to do this.
  • DNS records
    Your domain must already point to the server on which the website is to be published using DNS records. This FAQ article explains how to change DNS records. The IP address that you have to enter can be found in the access data sheet. Note that it can take 6 hours for DNS record changes to take effect. So it may take a while before you can publish the website afterwards.

For publication with the variant “Link to your own domain”, only the point regarding DNS records is important, whereby the IP address is always

No presettings are required for publishing with the “Publish on free domain” option.

Auf bestehendes Webhosting publizieren

How you publish the website on your own web hosting depends, among other things, on which control panel is installed on the server you are on. However, in recent years we have only installed Plesk Control Panel Server. So if you’re a new customer, you’ve probably got the Plesk Control Panel.

If the default settings are correct, you can open the instructions for the corresponding control panel.

Plesk Control Panel

The publication settings when using the Plesk control panel must be filled out as follows. You can find the FTP access data on your access data sheet. You can find information for the database in your Plesk control panel. You can change the database user’s password by clicking on the user in the Plesk control panel.

FTP access


Confixx Control Panel

When you publish your website to your control panel hosting, the data looks like this. You can change the FTP password in your myhosttech customer center. Your FTP user is your web user.

FTP access

The path depends somewhat on which directory your website points to in Confixx. If this simply points to the /, then the publish path is /html

If the domain points to a /subfolder in the Confixx Control Panel, like in the picture, then the publishing path is /html/subfolder


The hostname is always “localhost” and the port is always 3306.
You can find the rest of the information in your Confixx Control Panel.

Mit eigener Domain verknüpfen

If this option is available to you, then your page will not be published on a hosting server, but on the Website Creator server itself. That means you don’t need any memory, but you can’t use email addresses either. You don’t need to provide any information here, and as long as the presets are correct, you can just click Publish Now.

Auf Gratis Domain veröffentlichen

This variant is mostly used when you want to publish the page to see how it behaves live without it being accessible via the actual domain name. To do this, you can simply choose a name for the subdomain, for example “mydomain” and click on “Publish now”. The website can then be accessed via https://meinedomain.mywsc.site.

Updated on 27. January 2023
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