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How can I customize the invoice recipient?

Unless otherwise specified, the account holder is also the invoice recipient by default.

In this post, you’ll learn about the customization options available to you.

Update billing address
If you have not entered a different invoice recipient, but the address given on the invoice is no longer correct, you would have to update your customer data. After logging into the myhosttech customer center, click on the three dots next to your name in the navigation bar at the bottom left. Then select Customer data > Report move . If the company name or contact person is no longer correct, you can rewrite the account .
Enter general invoice recipient
If you remain the account holder/contractual partner, but would like to enter a different invoice recipient, you can also do this in the myhosttech customer center. Go to Customer Details and select Add Billing Contact. There you can set a general billing contact, which applies to all bills/products that do not use an individual bill recipient.
Enter individual invoice recipients
If you only want to change the invoice recipient for a single product, you can make this adjustment via the product manager. To do this, go to Invoices > Product Manager in the myhosttech customer center. For the product in question, click Details and then click Change bill -to party. Then select whether it is an existing hosttech customer or whether you want to create a new customer account.
Important: you are still the owner of the product, which also remains in your account. The new invoice recipient only receives the respective invoice.

Please note that such adjustments only affect the next invoice run. If you need a current invoice with the new billing information, please contact our customer service. In such a case, the current invoice must be canceled and reissued manually. You will be charged a processing fee for this.

Updated on 7. April 2022
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