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How can I book an additional website creator?

Each website creator is assigned a fixed domain. Thus, only one website can be created at a time with a subscription. If you want to create another website, you need an additional subscription. You can order it on our website under Homepage Builder.

If you already have a hosting product, it is not necessary to order the combo package on our website, as it would include web hosting once again. Most hosting packages allow you to install/manage multiple domains and thus host different websites.
If you are not sure whether you can install additional domains, go to the server center in your myhosttech customer center and click on the Settings button for your hosting package. There you can see the number of manageable domains and how many are currently installed.

If you already have a hosting product with which additional domains can be managed, you would have to proceed as follows:

  • Log in to your myhosttech customer center
  • click on Domains and then on Domaincenter
  • On the right you will find a Website Creator banner with the ‘Try now’ button. Click it.
  • Choose the domain in question and select the subscription.
  • Now you can activate the Website Creator, which will be provided to you in a few minutes.

Note: the Website Creator can be used for domains registered with hosttech as well as for externally managed domains. In the case of external domains, however, it is necessary for them to be installed in the hosting product first. This will list them as unregistered domains in the domain center, so you can also activate a Website Creator subscription.

Updated on 7. March 2023

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