Why is the font so big on mobile?

For example, in Website Creator, is the title font very large on mobile? Or you change the font size in the mobile design settings, but nothing happens in your content?

If you have manually overridden the font size for texts or titles in the desktop view using the text editor, then this manual override is also applied to mobile. The font sizes on mobile in the mobile design settings are thus overwritten and no longer valid.

In order to display the font sizes on mobile in the correct crop sizes that you define in the mobile design settings, you need to remove the manually selected font size on the desktop view.

How do I remove the manually overwritten font size?

  • To do this, select the text in question in the desktop view
  • In the blue text editor that now appears, click on the eraser icon (bottom line, next to the color). Use the eraser to remove all manual settings and reset the text to the style sheet.

Read also the article, how the design settings and the font style sheets work.

Updated on 27. January 2023

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