Where can I store the terms and conditions in the Website Creator online shop?

You need the eCommerce subscription for the online shop functionality in the Website Creator.

The legal basis of every online shop are the general terms and conditions (GTC). Relevant points such as conclusion of contract, payment, delivery, default by the customer, etc. are regulated in these and offer a secure, legal framework for both seller and buyer.

Please do not copy third-party terms and conditions, as you risk receiving a warning and it is also possible that these terms and conditions may not be legally secure or are no longer up-to-date or simply do not fit your business area.
A general terms and conditions generator can help here, which generates legally compliant general terms and conditions that are individually tailored to you and your business. You can find a wide range of generators by searching the web .

To store the terms and conditions, log into your Website Creator account, select the menu item Modules and click on Onlineshop . Then go to Settings> Online Shop Information . Here you will find a field where you can enter your general terms and conditions.

Please don’t forget to save the changes.

Updated on 25. March 2022

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