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Where can I store shipping costs in the Website Creator store?

For the shop functionality in the Website Creator you need the eCommerce tariff.

No products can be ordered from the online store without shipping and delivery conditions. This data should therefore be stored in the shop settings.

Where can I find the shipping settings?

  • go to the Modules tab and select Onlineshop
  • In the side menu of the online store, go to ‘Settings’ and select Shipping and delivery conditions.

Capture new regions

  • Click on the button ‘+ Add region’ at the menu item Shipping and delivery conditions
  • Give the new region a name (e.g. Domestic or EU) and select one or more countries from the regions
  • Click on ‘+ Add shipping option’ and select an option. A new shipping option is added for this region.
  • Fill in the fields for the shipping option.
  • Repeat the steps for new regions or new shipping options.
  • The region can be optionally activated or deactivated with the slider in the upper right corner.

You can use this principle to create as many shipping regions as you like.

Overview page: edit or delete

On the right, you will find three items that allow you to edit or delete the settings. You can show and hide individual regions using the eye symbol.

What is the ‘Rest of the World’ region?

The region ‘Rest of the world’ is defined as a default and is valid for all those countries which are not explicitly listed in their own region. This way you don’t have to record every single country if you are shipping worldwide.

Uncheck ‘Rest of the world’ if you only ship to certain countries. Then people who specify a different country in the delivery address will not be able to place an order.

You cannot delete the option, you can only deactivate it.

Updated on 8. February 2023

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