Where can I store the shipping costs in the Website Creator shop?

For the shop functionality in the Website Creator you need the eCommerce tariff.

The attachment of the shipping and delivery conditions are relevant for the calculation of the total price and the issuing of the invoice. This data should therefore be stored in the shop settings.

Please log into your Website Creator, go to the Modules tab and select Online Shop .

Switch to the Shipping and delivery conditions section, where you will find a predefined region. On the right you will find three points through which you can edit or even delete the regional settings. You can use Edit to add other regions for which the shipping rules should also apply. You can enter further/several shipping options (button + add shipping option ) and, if necessary, also set a processing fee per order. These shipping terms can be activated or deactivated using the slider at the top right.

You can use this principle to create as many shipping regions as you like. Please don’t forget to save each change.

Updated on 13. May 2022

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