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What settings can I make on the project overview page?

The project overview is the start page in Website Creator and shows the projects with the project names, the last edit date, name of the selected design, favorite status and whether it is published. Further actions can be carried out with the … button. Clicking on the project image opens it in the editor and can be edited there.

You can get to the project overview by clicking on the house icon in the upper left corner of the Website Creator.

Actions on the … button

  • Edit in editor: opens the project in the editor to be able to edit the website content
  • Manage menu structure: manage pages and languages
  • Rename project: change the project name
  • Copy: Creates a complete copy of the project with all content and settings
  • Mark as favorite: Star symbol, which always shows the project at the top. Only one project can be marked as a favorite at a time.
  • Publish: Direct link to publish page. Important: If you click on this, you will not publish your page immediately, but will be taken to the settings page, where you then have to confirm again in order to then publish the website.
  • Onlineshop: Direct link to the Onlineshop module (if Onlineshop is available in the subscription)
  • Password protection: Direct link to the password protection module
  • Delete project: irrevocable deletion of the project after confirmation. This cannot be undone.
Updated on 8. February 2023
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