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What is ‘Full Width’?

If you activate the ‘Full width’ setting, the content section will be stretched to the full width of the screen. If the setting is not enabled, the content is displayed normally on a fixed width.

Where can I find the ‘Full width’ setting?

  • Go to a page in the editor and hover the mouse over a content section
  • Click on the gear icon of the content section to open the settings
  • Activate the setting under ‘Appearance

Tip: Screen width means no matter how big or wide the screen is, it will always be stretched to the full width. Be aware that some users have large screens and then see the content across the entire width of such screens. Depending on the content, this can cause the layout to become distorted and text elements to become too wide to be comfortably legible. You also lose control over the overall look, because the width will be different on each device and elements will be shifted.

The function is best used for image galleries or single large image elements. If you have a lot of text, we don’t recommend using the function.

Updated on 8. February 2023

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