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What is end customer management and how can it be used?

With the domain reselling platform, you register and manage domains for your customers. You are also responsible for administering the domain settings – from adjusting the Whois data to DNS adjustments and name server changes.

hosttech’s end customer administration offers your customers a platform through which they can access the domain settings themselves and you can outsource this work. Naturally neutral and white label capable so that you can offer this under your own name.
You also have control over the user administration at all times and can define which functions your end customer should have access to when creating the user. Users can also be blocked or deleted entirely.

You can access the end customer administration as follows:

  • log into your myhosttech customer center and go to your domain reselling
  • At the top of the navigation line you will find a button for end customer management, which you can use to log in
Settings / White Label
Click on the blautn Settings button at the top right where you can add your branding to the end customer administration: upload your own logo, specify the color scheme, enter your contact details or also specify a logout page to which the customer should be forwarded after logging out
User creation & administration
By clicking on the Users tab you will be redirected to the user administration. Create new users there and specify a login name and password for them, with which they can access the end customer administration.
You can also block or even delete users at any time. You can also log into the end customer interface so that you can help your customers quickly and easily at any time if they have questions or are unclear.
Assign domains
The domains managed in domain reselling are listed under the Domains tab. Click Details for the relevant domain and select Assign User . Now you can select the appropriate user from a drop-down list and specify which functions he can use – such as Visibility of the AuthCode for a domain move, editability of DNS / name servers, etc.
Of course, the authorizations can be adjusted at any time.
Updated on 7. April 2022
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