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What features does Kubernetes offer in the vDC?

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions that we have been asked in connection with Kubernetes in the virtual data center (vDC).

General information about Kubernetes can be found in our blog post .

Is istio included?
We don’t offer an option to install this at cluster startup. You have to take care of that yourself.
Is autoscaling supported?
When it comes to horizontal pod autoscaling, the hpa component handles it. It needs metrics from the metrics server, which is not installed but can be installed by you as a user.
Cluster autoscale as in node autoscale is not supported.
At the moment we don’t offer node-autoscaling either.
Is Physical Volume Claim supported
Physical Volume Claims (PVC) for our block storage (3 different performance classes) is possible for ReadWriteOnce volumes.
How far does our implementation deviate from a GCP Kubernetes?
A Kubernetes cluster at Google is highly configurable, so it’s difficult to give a general answer to this question. If you have a specific question, you are welcome to contact our technical support here.
What is the Kubernetes offering built on?
We offer Kubernetes as vanilla (by default) as possible with kubeadm and other tools.
How is the experience with Flannel as a network overlay for the cluster in connection with istio?
Unfortunately, we have no experience using Flannel as a network overlay for the cluster.
Also, is it possible to cluster using Calico instead of Flannel?
This is currently not supported.
Updated on 27. January 2023

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