What can I do if the VNC access doesn’t work?

Accessing your virtual server via VNC is intended for emergencies. If access doesn’t work in such an emergency, it’s annoying.

Here we explain what you can do to possibly be successful.

  1. In your myhosttech customer center you can click on server center on the left.
    Go to the settings of your server in the vServer tab.
  2. Turn off the VNC for about 5 minutes.
    In the meantime, check in the “Events” tab whether the VNC has been switched off.
  3. Then switch on the VNC again.
    Check here again whether the VNC has been switched on.
  4. If these steps don’t help, change the port of your VNC by clicking on “Change” next to it.

If the above steps don’t help, please contact Technical Support and mention that you’ve already completed these steps.

Updated on 23. February 2022

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