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Reseller: First steps in Website Creator

You have started a Website Creator Reseller Account?

Here is an overview and first steps:

  1. Define subscriptions
    Under ‘Offers’ you can create or customize subscriptions.
    A subscription includes modules and design templates for your customers. You can specify in each subscription which features and design templates should be usable.
    If you create a new user, you can then assign a subscription to the user.
  2. Create new customers
    Create new users under ‘Users’ in the main menu.
    Tip: We recommend to check in advance under “Offers” to enter a subscription.
    Read here in detail how to create a new user.
  3. Own branding
    Under ‘Settings ‘ > ‘Branding’ you can choose your own name, logo, favicon and color scheme.

Every user you create can be cancelled free of charge within the first 14 days . After the trial period, the account will be automatically renewed and charged at the end of the month.

We wish you much success!

Updated on 20. March 2023

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