PHP versions

The following PHP versions are currently supported on our servers.
The versions are available to you on our servers until the specified date.

The Confixx control panel only supports PHP versions up to 7.3
We therefore recommend switching to the Plesk control panel .

versionpublished onavailable untildefault
7.1December 1, 2016December 31, 2021
7.2November 30, 2017December 31, 2022
7.3December 6, 2018December 31, 2023
7.4November 28, 2019December 31, 2024*
8.0November 26, 2020December 31, 2025
8.1November 25, 2021December 31, 2026
PHP versions at hosttech

The outdated PHP versions are no longer officially supported, i.e. any security gaps that may arise will no longer be fixed. The security of the web application can therefore no longer be guaranteed. Whenever a new PHP major version is released, we switch the default version so that the middle of the available versions becomes the default version.

We announce the conversion of the standard version at least three months in advance. We will inform you in advance via blog , e-mail, Twitter and Facebook about planned changes such as changing the PHP standard version.

How to change your PHP version per domain in the Plesk control panel is explained in this article .

Updated on 25. March 2022

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