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How do I set up my own nameserver names?

Some settings are necessary to use your own name server names.
We explain this to you in three steps.

If you want to use custom nameserver names from a domain that you registered through domain reselling, then you need to do the second step differently. This is explained at the end of the post.


In order to be able to use your own name server names, you need our DNS Server product. This so that you can manage the zones on the name server.


  1. In the myhosttech customer center you have to click on “Domains> DNS Editor”. Here you can now click on “Main name server” on the left. Here you can tell our name server that it should now listen to your name. You are free to choose the subdomain (e.g. ns1, ns2 and ns3). When choosing the domain, it must of course be a domain that belongs to you.
    For example, you can enter ns1.yourdomain.eu, ns2.yourdomain.eu and ns3.yourdomain.eu here. It can also be called alpha.yourdomain.eu, beta.yourdomain.eu and gamma.yourdomain.eu.
  2. Then you have to tell the registry of your domain under which IP address your name servers can be reached (GLUE Records). You do this in the myhosttech customer center by clicking on “Domains> Domaincenter” and then select “Nameserverwaltung” on the left.

    To do this, select the domain for which you previously chose the names from the drop-down menu above. Set up your name server names again here and enter the associated IP addresses. You can use both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

    They are the following IP addresses:


  3. So that not only the registry knows the IP addresses for the name server names, but the entire Internet, you now have to create the DNS records for these names in the DNS zone of your domain.
    If it is a domain that already exists on our name server, then this step has already been completed automatically after the first step. Nevertheless, check it briefly in your DNS Editor to be on the safe side.

Special step for domain resellers at point 2

You do not report the so-called GLUE records via your domain center. You log into your domain reselling and look for your domain. Switch to the “Nameserver” tab in the domain settings. Here you have a direct explanation of how you can record these GLUE Records for your domain.

Updated on 27. January 2023

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