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How do I order an SSL certificate?

In addition to the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate , which is included with our web hosting products or servers (with an additional Plesk control panel), we also offer various certificates for sale. You can find them on our website at Solutions >SSL certificate. In these instructions, we explain what you need to consider and how to proceed.

A Certificate Signing Request, also known as a Certificate Signing Request ( CSR ), is required to apply for an SSL certificate. The CSR contains relevant information such as the common name (domain name), company, country etc. but also the public key.

The CSR is usually created on the server, but can also be generated via a corresponding website that offers a CSR generator . A key pair consisting of a private key and a public key is created.

Important: the private key is not required for the certificate application, but it should definitely be saved, as it will be required later for the integration of the SSL certificate. The certificate cannot be used without a private key!

In this FAQ we explain how you can create a CSR via your Plesk control panel :

  • Log into the control panel and look for the relevant domain under Websites & Domains
  • Click on the SSL/TLS Certificates icon and then on the Manage button
  • To create a new certificate on the server, select the Add SSL/TLS Certificate button
  • Fill in the relevant fields marked with * and select 2048 for Bit
  • Then click the Request button to add the certificate
  • Call up the newly created certificate in the overview and copy the complete CSR

You can then insert this CSR on the order page and complete the order. You will then receive all further information by e-mail afterwards. After the invoice has been paid, you will be sent a link via email, which you can use to make the final entries before the certificate is issued.


The CA requires validation of the SSL order. The following options are available to you:

The SSL provider will send you an email to confirm the SSL certificate. Specific e-mail addresses are specified here (e.g. admin@meinedomain.com, webmaster@meinedomain.com etc.). Make sure that you create this e-mail address in advance to ensure that the e-mail is received. The default email addresses cannot be customized.
A corresponding DNS string will be displayed to you after the configuration process is complete. You have to enter this in the DNS zone of the corresponding domain. The SSL provider checks the DNS records to continue validating the SSL order. Please note that DNS adjustments can take up to 6 hours to become active.

As soon as the validation by the certification authority has been completed, the SSL certificate is issued and usually made available within a few hours. You will then be informed by us by e-mail. The certificate files are provided to you in the myhosttech customer center .

You can find our FAQ on installing the SSL certificate here: link

Updated on 8. February 2023

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