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How do I choose a design?

Under the menu item “Design” you will find a large selection of different design templates with different layouts. You can filter the designs by color and theme, or use a search term.

Each theme comes with demo content and has been designed with a theme and matching content. So you can see what the layout looks like. Of course, you can adapt each design according to your own ideas, replace the images and change colors, fonts and texts. The design can also be exchanged for a different one at a later point in time.

When making your choice, make sure that the design supports the online shop if you want to create an online shop (requires an eCommerce subscription). Not all designs are compatible with the online shop.

Choose a design template

Hovering over a design reveals additional options:

  • Select: Select a design template and you will be automatically taken to the next step. You can change the design at any time. The color on the right indicates the color variant. By clicking on it you can choose between the available color variants.
  • Preview: Shows the design with demo content. By clicking on the color circles you can switch between the color variants and via the desktop and mobile symbol between desktop and mobile view. Click the cross in the top right to close the preview.
  • Color circles or color dropdown: Different color variants that you want to start with (you can change the colors in the editor at any time).

Tip: Choose a theme based primarily on the layout of the header area, as this is what differentiates the themes from one another. Think in advance how many pages you want to create and where the logo should be positioned – this makes the selection easier.

How are the designs constructed?

Each design template consists of a header area, which includes the logo, menu, and header image, and a content area. The positions of the menu, logo and header image as well as the width of the content are unchangeable within a design. Of course, they can be adapted in terms of content and color.

Most designs allow you to choose between different color variations to start with. The variants differ mainly in color and are provided with a picture that matches the color. You can also change the color variants at any time later in the editor.

Updated on 27. January 2023

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