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How can I upgrade my server?

You can generally upgrade your current vServer to a larger model or add additional options to your existing server.

To do this, log into your customer center at https://myhosttech.eu . Now you can under “Servercenter”> “Servercenter” click on the shopping symbol for the desired server.

Then select the desired product and any additional options. On the next page you can define a date for performing the upgrade. In this context, please note that a restart of your vServer is mandatory for the upgrade.

An employee will accompany this process and thus reduce the downtime to a minimum. So that the upgrade can be carried out, we still need the access data for your system. You can deposit these directly online. The upgrade will then be carried out on the desired date.

You don’t have to move any data and the interruption is reduced to a minimum. After the restart, the new resources and/or additional options will be available to you.

Note: Upgrades outside of office hours are chargeable.

If you want to upgrade your physical server, it is best to contact our technical customer service via the ticket system in the myhosttech customer center to clarify the necessary steps.

Updated on 7. April 2022
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