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How can I customize the font?

There are two ways in which a font on your website can be customized, which we will briefly explain to you here, although we recommend the second option.

Highlight and change text

On the one hand, you can mark a certain text, and in the menu that then opens, you can adjust the font. However, we only recommend this way if you want to emphasize a text, such as bold or larger writing a word in a sentence.

Theme Settings

However, if you want to change the font of all page titles at the same time, for example, or you always want certain texts in a certain color, then we recommend that you click on “Design settings” in the top left. There you will find the possibility to change different elements (title, text, etc.) uniformly.

Note that you can do this for both the desktop view of your website and the mobile view. Normally you can change the font size in the mobile view independently of the settings in the desktop view.


There is a small restriction – which is why we also wrote “in the normal case” above. If you change (highlight) a text with the first variant in the desktop view, then this text is no longer changed by the design settings. This means that if you manually enlarge a title in the desktop view by marking it, this ensures that this text is and remains as large in the mobile view.
We therefore recommend working with the theme settings whenever possible.

Updated on 27. January 2023

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