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How can I cancel my domain?

Did you know that you don’t necessarily have to cancel the domain / transfer it away from us in order to have it managed by another hosting provider?
So you could continue to benefit from our low domain prices & have the domain registered with us.
If you want this, simply change the name server setting in your myhosttech customer center. Click on “Domain Center” -> “Details” -> “Change name servers”.
Here you can enter the correct nameservers or click on the picture of your new hosting provider (if available).

Alternatively, you can send us the names of the new name servers so that we can adjust this for you.

Please note that these adjustments can take up to 24 hours to become active.

If you still want to transfer the domain or have it deleted, you would have to cancel the domain with us.

You can cancel a domain in your myhosttech customer center:
Click on “Domain Center”. Here you select the domain you want to cancel and click on “Details”. A window will then open with further information about the domain. Click on “Cancellation / AuthCode” so that the cancellation can be triggered / carried out.

Alternatively, we can also accept a signed letter of termination, which you can send to us by email (scan/photo) or post.

You will receive the AuthCode required for the transfer together with the cancellation confirmation by email.

Can’t cancel the domain as described above?

If your domain is in a domain subscription, you cannot trigger the cancellation as usual. You must first remove the domain you want to cancel from the domain subscription.

To do this, proceed as follows:

– Log into your myhosttech customer center
– Click on the blue “Domain subscriptions” button under the Domaincenter section.
– Uncheck the corresponding domain and save the changes.

You can then cancel the domain normally.

Updated on 27. January 2023

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