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In this article we will go into the most important functions of Domainedit.

General: end customer administration
With our end customer management interface, you can provide your end customers with a simple tool that can be used to make the most common adjustments to the assigned domains. To do this, create new users and assign them domains.

Domain management / registered domains
Here you can see an overview of your domains managed in domain reselling.
With the “Assign user” function, you can assign the desired domain to an end user. This domain can then be managed via the end customer interface.

user management
You can create and edit new end customers in the user administration. You can then assign domains to this end user.
You also have the option to block active users. With the “Block user” option you block the end user completely, no changes or login are possible for this user.

You can freely design a large part of the web interface of the end customer administration.
This gives you the option of uploading your own logo, freely choosing the colors and individually defining the contact page and footer line.
The adjustments are immediately live in the system and are valid for all active users.

Login end customer
Your end customer can log in at the following URLs:

Optionally, your own domain is possible. To do this, contact our support.

buy users
User slots only need to be purchased once, there are no additional or recurring costs. When purchasing a user, the costs are automatically deducted from your domain reselling balance.
You can buy more user slots at any time.
New users are active immediately.

API / own system connection
The system can be addressed completely via API.
If you are interested, you can also integrate your own domain into the system.

Updated on 27. January 2023
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